Disco Trunk 2.0

Disco Trunk 1.0

This is a website detailing the exploits of the Disco Trunk!
I installed a 300 watt amp, sound activated LEDs, and a disco ball in the
trunk of my classic 1994 Ford Taurus. The rest, as they say, is history!

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or just watch some of these sweet videos...

The Decentralized Dance Party came to Pittsburgh.
Of course the Disco Trunk was there! It was a blast!

St. Patty's Day with the Disco Trunk - Conan O'Brien Shout Out

The Disco Trunk went tailgating! A little rain can't stop the funk, and the
Disco Trunk rocked the pre-game party scene at this past Sunday's night game.
Sigh... if only the Steelers had rocked as hard as the Disco Trunk, but we'll
get them next time! Thanks to all those who donated!

Footage from Night 1 at Construction Junction immediately following the Big Pour:

Had a lot of fun tonight! Thanks to all the people who danced at the corner of Bates & Atwood...

We'll be back!

Download the official Disco Trunk song:
Junk in the Trunk by Dr. Sunshine presents: Rainbow Kitten

The Disco Trunk

Build information coming soon... you know, if you're into that sort of thing...

The Disco Trunk, being a classic car, is not without it's problems, namely a leakly head gasket.
If you're so inclined, feel free to use one of these sweet donation buttons below, you'll get
your name (or whatever) in the credits of our next video! If you're cool enough to donate $100,
and live within a 5 mile radius of Pittsburgh or can get to Pittsburgh, I'll pick you up and
we'll drive around rocking people wherever you want to go!