Weather: While it did rain on either side of Chicago, it was nice for the Sears Tower, although very hot (90s)

We arrived in Chicago around 1pm and found large amounts of traffic and detours around the Chicago River area. We found out later on the news that a couple of the draw bridges over the river had gotten stuck because of the sudden temperature change (it was around 95 that day) and excessive humidity. Fire boats in the water were spraying the bridges to cool them off. My Aunt and Uncle later said that in all the time they lived there that had never happened.

We checked into our hotel in Chicago and all took showers and watched some TV to relax. We had dinner at the original Pizzeria Uno in the heart of Chicago (only a couple of blocks from our hotel). The pizza was HUGE. Chris, April, Steven, and I had two slices and we were bursting (I actually didn't finish my second). Pat had two slices and a whole thing of wings, go figure. Tim had a chicken ceasar salad. Anyway, we ended up taking the equivalent of a whole pizza home with us which we left on the air conditioner to stay fresh. We met up with two of Steven's friends from college and they took us out on the town, sort of. It was drizzling a bit but we still had fun. Tim, Chris, and Pat stayed out later then Steven, April, and I but we all got enough sleep.

In the morning (after checkout at 12, a reasonable time) we went to see the Sears Tower. Again, the weather cooperated and allowed us to see the city and Lake Michigan all around us from the 110th floor. After the tower we walked around some more and got lunch. It was too late to see the aquarium so we decided to press on.

In South Bend Indiana we decided to stop for a movie. Silly Steven and I forgot that's where Notredame is and were surprised when we saw the campus. We got excited to see the field where Rudy played but we couldn't find a movie theatre. I called one of our friend's in Bridgewater who had gone to Notredame, explained where I was and that I was looking to watch a movie. A bit taken aback, but still cool, he gave us directions to a great 14 screen theatre where with a student ID you could get in for $5 and popcorn was only $2 after that. Wow! We were definetly psyched and sat back to enjoy the film.

Afterwards we ate dinner and continued on through the night. We arrived in Bridgewater around 1pm and had lunch at one of our old haunts, Felix #9 diner. What a great end to a great trip!

Tower view
A view from the tower, I forget which direction... oh yeah, down.

Tower view
Another view, pretty spectacular eh?

Us and Tower view
Us as taken by someone to back light us in favor of a view, ah well...

Tower view
Another cool view

Tower view
Still viewing, this time Lake Michigan

Lunch at Felix, what a great trip!

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