Mesa Verde
Weather: The weather at Mesa Verde was wonderful too! 80s and sunny with a perfect breeze to keep you cool while hiking.

Mesa Verde is up around 7000 feet and we got there having driven all night around 10:40am, but we still found the energy to go on two guided tours of Cliff Palace and Balcony House as well as a 3 mile hike to see some petroglyphs. Everything was very interesting and cool with a little bit of learning stuck in for good measure. The road through the park provides constant breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside as did the hiking trails we went on. Cliff Palace was the easiest to get to and very enjoyable. Balcony House involved climbing a 32ft wooden ladder and crawling through a 1.5ft by 4ft by 12ft tunnel. It was very cool. The hike to the petroglyphs was over, under, along canyon walls. We brought water with us and eagerly partook of it during our rests. The two tour guides were fun and seemed to know what they were talking about. That night we camped in the park and had an enjoyable dinner of spaghetti rings, some type of alfredo pasta pack, and S'mores cooked both over our fire and our propane stove. The propane lantern I bought worked like a charm and lit up the two tents, picnic table, and some of the neighboring campsite (sorry) like a lighthouse would have done. We all had enjoyable (slightly on the chill side) nights and awoke to the bagels, juice, and pop-tarts we'd bought at the store two days before.

Beautiful canyon
More canyon
Nice canyon (from road)
Cliff Palace with tour group
Our illustrious tour guide
Taken from ladder, Shawn was above
Us cooking the cool way
All of us on the hiking trail (the top part)

On the way to Holbrook, AZ and the Painted Desert we stopped off at Four Corners. The only place in the USA where four states' borders touch each other: Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.

All of us in four states
Steven and Shawn acting goofy

We also went through breathtaking Monument Valley, check back later for more of those pictures! A hat from Monument valley
A valley

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