Las Vegas
Weather:The temperature today ranged from 80-95 degrees with beautiful sun and scattered, fluffy clouds.

On our way from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas we stopped at the Hoover Dam! We all booked the "modified hard-hat tour" and had lunch at the High-Scalers Cafe. Then, our dam tour guide (who introduced himself as such) advised us we could take all the dam pictures we wanted while on the tour. We got to see the turbines, the original bypass tunnels, huge electrical towers, and, of course, the dam itself. What, you ask, was the best part? We got to keep the hard hats! Oh yeah!

The Hoover Dam
Our dam guide
The Turbines!
Us on the dam

We arrived in Las Vegas around 6pm after driving down the strip to the song "Viva Las Vegas". I should mention here that we have a CD with a song relating to every stop along the way. We play the proper song as we enter each destination on this trip. Thanks go out to Ian for making the CD and Scott for recommending "Viva Las Vegas", I think we played it three times. But I digress, we stayed at the Frontier, one of the older hotels on the newer strip. It was very nice, next to Treasure Island on the side of the strip closest to the downtown area. We had suites for about $85, not too shabby for a hotel on the strip. We left the hotel around 7:30pm to try our luck and see the sights. We had dinner at the buffet in Ceasar's, very good food, and gambled there a bit. We then walked all the way down to the Luxor (the pyramid with the huge light) and gambled a bit there. April, Steven, and I got back to the hotel around 2am and Tim, Chris, and Pat got back around 9:30am. The favorite game of the night? Why, Craps of course! You just can't beat Craps for good odds and plenty of enthusiasm while playing, not to mention you get to throw dice around.
The next morning we were out of the hotel by noon, had a quick french brunch at Paris (Las Vegas that is), and bid Las Vegas adieu on our way to Los Angeles.

Our trusty hotel (and casino)
Us eating the buffet
Eiffel Tower during the day   At night (opposite direction)
The Excaliber at night
Paris inside

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