Los Angeles
Weather:Hazy because of smog, but other then that high 80s to low 90s, mostly sunny.

We got into LA around 5:30pm from Las Vegas and quickly checked into the hotel and got ready for dinner at the Stinking Rose. Driving in LA is very interesting so Steven conducted all the driving while in-city. We went to the Stinking Rose which is a restaurant renowned for its garlic. They put garlic in everything, from their mashed potatoes to their ice cream. It was a very awesome restaurant with a great decor inside (which I stupidly forgot to take a picture of) and the food was wonderful! After dinner we decided to catch a movie at Mann's Chinese Theatre, formerly Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Shrek was playing, three of us had seen it, three not, so we went because it is such a great movie. Anyway, the theatre was very nice with a huge screen and of course all the stars and footprints outside. After the movie we went to bed.

The next morning we had a late but relaxing start and went to lunch at the In-N-Out Burger, which was wonderful! Afterwards, we actually went to the laundromat on the corner and did, yup, you guessed it, laundry. Then we drove over to the Hollywood Hills stopping to pick up one of Steven's friends on the way, Shena. She tolerated all our comments of "Where do the stars live? Is that a star's house??" very well and we all went down to the pier and then to muscle and venice beaches. We had dinner of pizza and corndogs at a place off the jogging/biking trail that runs the whole length of that area. Venice beach was nice, and I got to a climb a 20ft rope at muscle beach.

After Venice Beach we went to the 3rd St. Promanade and met up with five other friends of Steven. We walked the shops and then decided to go to a pool hall. Unfortunately, it was full so we decided to go bowling. And where did we go? The bowling alley in the movie The Big Lebowski!! Whooo!! Is that not awesome? So anyway, it was a good night and we got back to the hotel around 3am.

Us at the Stinking Rose foyer
The gang on the pier
Shena and us on pier
Sunset on the beach
Shawn bowling
Steven bowling
A whole lot of us bowling

San Francisco here we come!

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