San Francisco
Weather: The weather in San Francisco was great for us. The sun was shining and the temperature was around 70 during the day and probably dropped down to about 45-50 at night, admittedly a bit chilly considering we all had short sleeve shirts but still very fine.

On Wednesday Steven took the trusty Suburban into the dealership in LA to have it checked up on to make sure it remains trusty. That actually took from around 8am to until 2:30pm, so we stayed around the hotel and played cards and ate lunch while it was being worked on. The place gave Steven a courtesy ride to the hotel and then back to the dealership later so that was nice.

Once we got on the road (around 4pm) we drove up 101 to Santa Barbara and had dinner there in a restaurant that was a cross between a Denny's and TGIF. It was very good. Continuing on the sun went down behind some pesky mountains and when faced with our original route of the Pacific Coast Highway, we opted for the faster 101 after all because it was already dark (our view would have been ruined) and it was faster.
We got into San Francisco around 1:30am, and after checking into our Econolodge fell right asleep. Thursday we got up and had lunch down on fisherman's wharf, tourist central. We had a very good meal and went to check out the times for tours to Alcatraz. We got one for 7pm, the sunset tour, and then drove on over to Golden Gate Park where Pat, April, and I frequented Ocean Beach to say we had gone in the Pacific Ocean. Then, while Pat, Steven, and April saw the Japanese Tea Garden, Tim, Chris, and I played some frisbee. Rushing back to the wharf for the tour with Crazy Taxi music playing was fun and we made it in time for the 7pm boat launch. After standing in line watching a multitude of seals play we were off! To the Rock! Our tour guide was very good and kept leaving little cliff hangers of stories around each bend in the hill up to the cellhouse. The audio tour was as good as the Elvis one (same equipment too, go figure) and we saw the sunset from both behind and in front of bars. We learned about different escape attempts and reasons people were put in the Rock as well as its history before a prison. After the cruise back to the dock we drove to a Thai Food restaurant and enjoyed a hearty dinner full of Thai Iced Tea, peanut sauce, and spicy chicken and pork.

I'm going to try something I should have before, I'll put the captions on the page instead of on the pictures.
The Golden Gate Bridge clouded by the famous San Francisco fog
Some of the pretty houses San Fran is known for.
The Pacific Ocean
Shawn and April at the beach (Yes, they went in the 50oF water)
And so did Pat!
The scenic view from Lombard St. (Yes, Steven drove down it)
A closeup of the flowers on Lombard St.
The Rock
A view of Alcatraz from the boat that took us there
Jail   Jail
Pat, Chris, and Shawn behind bars at the Rock
The sunset from behind bars on the Rock
Us eating dinner at the Thai place (steven took the picture)

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