Weather: Our weather luck continues to hold out as we experienced brilliant sun and 70s to low 80s throughout our stay at Lake Tahoe and our night at Reno.

I should say that before we left San Fran we drove past the Octagon house and also drove down the curviest part of Lombard St. Very exciting. We exited Frisco by way of the Golden Gate and continued on over to the Lake Tahoe region.

Pat drove most of the way to Lake Tahoe with April sitting shotgun while Steven, Tim, Chris, and I played some more Nintendo. Yes, we did get to see enough scenery. The time just flew by and before we knew it we were checking into our hotel at South Lake Tahoe. A very nice hotel with a pool, jacuzzi, and a private beach, which of course, we didn't have time to use... ah well... We ate dinner at a nearby restaurant where we were the only patrons and enjoyed great service and food. After dinner April decided to stay in and sleep while the rest of us decided to check out the casinos. We all did not-so-well but went away feeling that... well, that we'd walked from California to Nevada and back again. C'est la vie.

The next morning we went in search of a bicycle rental place along the edge of the lake. By and by Chris and I decided that we didn't want to go bike riding and we just wanted to sit on the beach. The others left us off at some beach somewhere and went to the nearby bike rental place.

Shawn and Chris's Adventure
Chris and I started by changing into our swimsuits and testing the water. It was about 50 or less degrees so we only stayed in swimming a little before we decided to walk down the shore to where we thought we'd seen another beach from the car. We started off and came to a river outpouring from the lake and decided to cross this swampy area. Unfortunately it proved to be above our heads in places and sucked our feet down in other places where the coral wasn't cutting our legs. Giving up on that route we retreated to the shore and found ourselves on the wrong side of a fenced off area. I pulled a McGuyver on the fence door and we found ourselves back on the road, some road. We crossed the dam and found the path through the woods that said "Beach". I don't know who wrote that sign but when we finally reached the water there were some rocks and then the lake, no beach. So we walked along the shore again, through some private property trying not to disturb the sun bathers and back onto a real beach next to a pier. We walked along the pier after sitting in the water of the beach and found a ladder. We jumped off the pier once into the invigorating water and then walked back to shore along the pier. Some kids were impressed we jumped off the pier. At the top of some stairs we found a swimming pool that was warmer then the air and spent an hour swimming there. Then we ended the day with some ping pong (Chris took two games, I won one) and reading before meeting up with the others. We sure saw a lot of tahoe that day.

Pat, Tim, Steven, and April's Adventure
They went riding along some river somewhere through pretty scenery of the lake and surrounding forest.

So anyway, that night we went to Reno, the "Biggest Little City in the World", to try some of their casinos. We all did well there and even played some boardwalk games at Circus Circus where we just in time to catch an acrobatic display complete with twirls, whirls, flips, and a 40ft leap! Whoo!

We then left Reno around 11pm after eating dinner there for our long trip to Idaho Falls.

Us eating dinner the first night at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe as seen from the beach. Very very blue!

This is the pool Chris and I borrowed.

This is the pier Chris and I jumped off of, I drew an arrow pointing to the place.

So the drive to Idaho Falls was fine. Nothing much happened along the way. In the morning when Pat and I were up we saw this amazingly smooth lake reflecting the mountains and later the Great Salt Lake itself. We pulled into Idaho Falls around 11am I guess and my Aunt greeted us with open arms and laundry room. We set to work cleaning clothes and ourselves (with showers) as well as eating a wonderful picnic lunch outside with watermelon for desert. Aunt Karen took April for a drive to the famous falls of Idaho Falls while the rest of us busied ourselves around the house getting packed up. It was a great place to rest and gather ourselves for the journey ahead, thanks Aunt Karen.

Welcome to Idaho!

This is that smooth lake

Aunt Karen and April

Idaho Falls' waterfall (it's sideways down the river)

Aunt Karen and Shawn

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