New Orleans
Weather:We had two clear nights and one full day of beautiful 80s sunny weather in New Orleans. It drizzled the morning we left but only for a little while. The drive to Texas consisted of high fluffy clouds and temperatures in the 90s.

"When the Big Easy calls, you gotta except the charges!" - Bart Simpson

New Orleans is a crazy town. By day, the French Market opens up complete with produce and flea market and people shop in the myriad of quaint little shops situated among the historic houses of the French Quarter. However, people start to line Bourbon Street as early as 7pm, preparing for the night's festivities. Bars that don't close prepare for their busiest times as the quaint little shops become less quaint and more risque selling beads, masks, and other such products to eager patrons waiting to party. As night falls the already narrow Bourbon St. becomes choked with people causing the cars to find other routes. The revelery continues through the night until around 4am when the streets finally start to thin out. Many bars however are open all night which leads to the question: When do these people sleep??

We took in Bourbon St. the first night we got there (Saturday night), explored the city the next day, shopped at the market, ate an authentic cajun meal at Pere Antoine, and took in some more of Bourbon St. that night (even if it wasn't Memorial Day weekend we suspect that it would have been happening on any Sunday night). Our hotel was about 5 min from the city but even with the throngs of people we were able to find parking when we needed it. We were staying in the Super 8 on Chef Monteur Hwy. Their pool was not functioning so Chris and Tim found it necessary to use the Ramada's next door. We left Monday morning on our way to Dallas and April Aunt and Uncle's.

Us playing Nintendo 64
Sunset coming into New Orleans
A house in the French Quarter
A street in the French Quarter
Authentic cajun cuisine
Pat and Steven chilling on Bourbon St.

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