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Everything... well, most everything needed to make it...

The circuit diagram, thanks to Alain Bellon.

The circuit in real life!

And again, from behind.

The project box I put it in.

What it looks like inside.

Be sure to cover things in hot glue so they never move... ever...

So totally sweet!

Assembling the bottom.

Motor to pump water up.

Leads from motor heavily hot-glued.

Did I mention I like hot glue? Pump power plug.

Pump power plug inserted in base. Used a rubber mallet to encourage a tight fit.

Spigot and washers for top drip mechanism.

Spigot inserted, up close and personal.

Top of the fountain with hoses...

More hoses...

Must... stop... leaks...

Here it is, finished!

Makes your water, whiter!

The first pour!

Splash saver, added at last minute, to stop splash spray. The falling drops go in there and don't splash.

Look at it go!

Totally sweet drop.