Weather: Overcast and in 70s on the way there. Rained Thursday night. Beautiful weather, sunny high 70s, to Memphis.

Well, we've started on our great journey! So far so good! Whoo! We took Steven's friend Josh down to Atlanta, cause that's where he lives. The Surburban works pretty well. We like it! Here our just some quick pictures from the way to Atlanta. Hold the mouse over the picture to see the caption.

Josh, we took him to Atlanta
Us in the car
Some of us on Tim's porch at Rowan
Us at the Chinese food buffet we ate at
Sunset the first night on the road
Well isn't that nice of it!
This is some giant peach water tower we saw
Sleeping beauties
Sign for the Georgia Visitor Center

Atlanta Skyline

We be in Atlanta! Whoo!
Our Days Inn hotel is a fine place to stay. We have two rooms next to each other.
As you may or may not know, Atlanta is the capital of Georgia; the commercial, industrial, and financial giant of the Southeast. Begun in 1837 as a railroad surveyor's stake in a pine clearing, it has blossomed into a city of over 394,000 occupants. Coca-Cola has its home here as does CNN. The Underground is the historic, original part of Atlanta which now has become a center for shopping, cuisine, and night-life.

Steven with a bear
Shawn with a bear
Silver hydrant
Dinner at Johnny Rockets
Us at the Coke factory (which was closed)

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