Old Time Road Trip

This is the webpage that will tell you everything you would want to know about the Great Roadtrip of 2001. You can click on the different locations on the left or read to the bottom of this page and start a tour.

States (other than NJ) travelled trough: 28

Our trip is at an end and the webpage is finished. Everything went smashing, very well indeed. While we, the six of us, have to go on to the rest of our lives, as the saying goes, we will always have Paris (Las Vegas) and the other crazy places we went to in our around-the-country roadtrip!

Our Route

Our Route

It consists of roughly 7400 miles passing through 28 states.
Our elevation will range from sea-level to 10,000 ft above it.
We'll be driving roughly 150 hours from 100+ degree heat to 32 degree cold.
... All that in just 3 1/2 weeks. Pretty crazy eh? Yeah, we know...

The members of our hearty group are as follows (in alphabetical order):

April 'Prarie Dog'

Chris 'Woodchuck' Foley

Shawn "o'beans" Patton

Tim 'Desert Wind' Rudowski

Steven 'Butte' Weigle

Pat 'Log Cabin' Wong

To begin following us on this grand adventure, click below:
First Stop: Atlanta

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If you have any questions or comments, please email them to shawn(at)shawnpatton(dot)com

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