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Duck Ball!
Waffle Master!
Tan Ball!
Ultimate Croquet!
Tech Tennis!

Game 1 : Duck Ball

History: Duck Ball originated in the second century when it was first played by a man named Ducksoupio. This man was in love with a women called Argo. To win the hand of the fair Argo, Ducksoupio made the game which is today called Duck Ball.
Either that or a kid named Shawn made it up one day when it was snowing, he had no school, and he was bored.

Complications: Contrary to popular belief it is not spelled Duckball, it is spelled Duck Ball. The reason for this is a long and colorful story. To sum it up let's just say the word Duckball makes my spell checker beep and Duck Ball doesn't.

Object: To make as many goals as possible in the time allotted.

Time Allotted: Any time you want or until the first or second player has to go home.

A. Players:
1. There must be enough players to play the game so that it is the least bit fun.
2. There must be a goalie who does everything everyone else does except that when it comes time to make a goal, he tries to block the ball.
3. There must be a Ref who does the same as the goalie only his name must be Shawn and when it comes time to make a goal, he shoots along with the rest of the players.
B. Uniforms:
1. You must have clothes on.
C. Season:
1. The ground must be dry, or at least dry enough so that if you sit down you don't get your pants wet.
D. Equipment:
1. A Ball
2. Something to hit the ball with for each of the players. (preferably not a vase or other such blown glass)
E. Directions: Gather the players into one team. Make sure they have something to hit the ball with. Choose the time allotted. Get a ball. Throw it. Chase after it. When you come across something that looks like a goal, ask the ref whether it is or not. If so, the goalie must try to stop the ball from going into the goal. If the ball does go through the goal it is considered a point in favor of the only team and the goalie switches places with another team member. If the goal is blocked the same thing happens with the exception of the point being scored. To choose the new goalie, look at the first letter of every player's last name. The letter next in order after the old goalie is the new goalie (alphabetical order).
During the play of the game, players may stop to eat, sleep, play cards, climb trees, or anything related to having fun outdoors.
Play continues until the time allotted (see Time Allotted) is up.
I find that brooms, frying pans, snow shovels, and lacrosse sticks work well.
Brought to you by:
Shawn Patton
Winnie the Pooh

Game 2 : Waffle Master

Purpose: To have fun outside and peg people with balls!!

Equipment: Double the amount of balls then people playing. (ex: 3 people, 6 balls*) These balls should be soft enough to be able to peg people with them. Soccer and Basketball are ok too. Also, you will need a Toaster Zone, some designated area sort of like a base in tag.

Rules: One person is the Waffle Master and they get one ball for each player. Every additional player gets one ball each. To become Waffle Master the other players must work together and hit the Waffle Master once for every player. After being hit that amount of times the Waffle Master passes his job on to the next player. While Waffle Master you can hit the other players and they have to go recharge their balls in the Toaster Zone before they can throw again.

Object: To stay Waffle Master as long as possible. Therefore, you should keep pegging people so they have to keep going to the Toaster Zone and can't peg you. Also, you are allowed to kick the other balls as far from you as possible.

Summary: This is just a really cool and fun excuse to peg your friends with balls!

Shawn, you incorrectly state that you need twice as many balls as players. This is one too many. To use your example, three people playing and six balls. The wafflemaster gets one ball for each player, balls 1, 2, and 3. (assuming you are counting the wafflemaster as a player, if not, your statement is off by two) The remaining two players get one ball each, balls 4 and 5. That is all that is needed. So, I recommend you change your page to read "You will need 2n-1 balls, where n=the number of players."
This is all moot, of course, if you meant that three people are playing, and an additional person is wafflemaster. If this is the case, you should say so clearly.
On the offchance that the wafflemaster does count as a player AND the wafflemaster does not get a ball for himself, the players will need 2n-2 balls. In any case, I think your instructions need a little updating.
Thoughtfully yours, Steven <--- Thanks :) heheee

Game 3 : Tan Ball

Tan Ball works best with 3-4 players, which does not make it too versatile a game but it still is a whole lot of fun :) Each person playing has to find an object and a ball-that-you-can-hit-people-with ball. The game works in the following way:
Each person gets a chance to go outside and hide their object while the other players are inside talking about moose or dinner or whatever. Then, after all the objects have been hidden around the house, aka in the playing field, each player goes outside to their individual corner of the property. This is where the real fun begins. The object of the game is to know where as many of your opponents' objects are hidden without them knowing where they are hidden. To do this one must find the originally hidden object and then rehide it without anyone finding out. This is much harder then is may seem. Also, you may think your objects are still where you left them and then at the end of the game find you have nothing and you lost miserably! :)
How do the balls play in?
The balls are used as a diversionary tactic. If you hit another player with your ball that player must drop and do 5 sit-ups. If you then hit them again while they are still doing their 5 sit-ups, they must do a total of 10 sit-ups. If you then hit them again they must do a total of 15 sit-ups. That is the limit. After hitting someone three times, you must recharge your ball in a designated spot. So, the best strategy is to knock the person's ball really far away when they hit you so you have time to do 5 sit-ups before they can peg you again.
Also, if you are holding an object when you are hit, you must throw the object down on the ground, putting it back into play. This makes it possible to allow someone to retrieve and rehide their own object.
The main strategies in this game are to hide your object well, never carry an object for a long time, and to work on your abs ahead of time. I hope you enjoy this great game and thanks go to Tim Rudowski for inventing it!

Game 4 : Ultimate Croquet

Ultimate croquet is one of the best games to play if you have a lot of people and a lot of time outside. Beautiful sunny days are perfect for this game. The main ingredient is, duh, a croquet set. It doesn't have to be perfect, some balls or sticks might be missing and the paint may be chipping, but it will still work.
+Hint: To fix a croquet stick whose head is coming off, simply apply a strip of duct tape over the top of the head onto the stick, then wrap more duct tape around to tighten the hold; or just see my handy drawing.+
Next, collect all the wickets you can find and make more with a thick wire if you don't find enough. You will need at least 10-15 if not more. Then, find a yard to play this in. It should have hills as well as flat areas and many trees with thick roots. Either that or any yard... Then divide the wickets between the players and have them set the wickets up all over the yard. This is the fun part: you can make jumps, treeroot-traps, impossible hill tricks, water hazards, anything you want! The more challenging the better! Then decide on an order the wickets should be used and which side the ball has to come from (this can be important) and start to play! If a wicket turns out too hard then you can agree to skip it. For an interesting Ultimate Croquet story visit my Great Story Page!

Game 5 : Tech Tennis

Tech Tennis started behind the scenes at my highschool's stage. One day the tech crew was cutting some 3/4" plywood into curves for one of the sets. After all the cutting was done we were left with two pieces that vaguely resembled tennis rackets. A fellow crew member and myself added some duct tape to the handles to cut down on splinters (duct tape rules). He had black (the evil side) and I had silver (the good side). We then used a tennis ball that he always kept in his pocket and voila! we had a game of Tech Tennis going on in the hallway. After awhile we had official ball-starters and rules concerning the windows. At one point we put another ball on top of an old spotlight stand, the person to knock it off gets 10 pts or so. It was too hard, oh well. Anyway, it's a great game to play after the work is done, or even before the work is done. Enjoy.

If you have any games of your own you would like to add send them to

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